This cPanel Flash tutorial will show you how to add Email Forwarders. Forwarders are used to direct an email from one address to another email address or to a location on the server. If you would like to have multiple email addresses, but only want to use one account while receiving, then you need to setup email forwarders. Email forwarders can alternately be used to create a group. For example, if you setup two forwarders directing email from "" to "" and "", then all emails sent to "" will go to both employees in the accounts department. 

Using email fowarders, you can also direct mail from an address to another email account on a separate domain. This is useful for users who want to direct old email accounts to new email addresses.

There are two ways to use Forwarders:

  • Multiple Email Addresses Going to One Person 
    If you want to receive emails for and, you do not need to set up two separate email accounts. Instead set up one mail account, e.g., and a forwarder that forwards email to

  • Forwarding Email From One Host Server to Another
    This allows you to forward all email from to

  • Login to cPanel and click on the "Mail" icon.
  • On mail manager main page click on "Forwarders".
  • At the bottom of the Forwarder maintenance page, click on the "Add Forwarder" link.
  • Enter the first part of the email address (from which you want to forward email) in the first field.
  • Choose the required domain from the drop-down list (if you have multiple domains or sub-domains in your account).
  • Enter the full email address that you want to forward mail to, in the second field.
  • Now click on the "Add Forwarder" button.


This cPanel Flash tutorial will show you how to delete Email Forwarders. Delete a forwarder when it is no longer required. Remember that you can not edit a mail forwarder.

  • Login to cPanel and click on "Mail"
  • Click on "Forwarders" to view a list of all existing email forwarders.
  • Click on "Delete" adjacent to the forwarder that you want to remove and then confirm the deletion.