This cPanel tutorial will show you how to use SquirrelMail which is a fast open-source web mail option. It is easy to install, customizable and has many plug-ins to extend its functions. It includes a variety of features like spell check, themes, address books, RBL spam filtering and a light web interface. After the cPanel tutorial steps listed below we have described the main buttons in SquirrelMail and their functions.

  • In your browsers window, type your domainname/webmail (e.g.
  • In the prompt window, enter your username and password (your username is your email address e.g.
  • Choose SquirrelMail from the Web Mail Programs.

SquirrelMail Functions
  • Compose: Write an email message. There are several options available, such as using an address book, adding attachments and signature.
  • Addresses: Stores email addresses of frequently used contacts.
  • Folders: Organize your email messages into folders. You can create as many different folders as you want.
  • Options: Many choices of themes, languages and other preferences to customize your usage and interface styles. All of these may be changed without adversely affecting any other user.
  • Search: Allows you to search for a particular email message.
  • Help: Please read this help if you have any questions or problems after reading this tutorial.