Horde Webmail is a feature rich, customizable and versatile Webmail application. This cPanel web hosting guide will show you how to manage your mail using Horde webmail. Horde includes many useful features, particularly handy for users who need more than just basic webmail. After the cPanel tutorial steps listed below we have described the main buttons in Horde and their functions.

  • In your browsers window, type your domainname/webmail (e.g. yoursite.com/webmail).
  • In the prompt window, enter your username and password (your username is your full email address e.g. abc@yoursite.com)
  • Click on Horde.

Horde Functions
  • Inbox: Displays your current mail messages.
  • Compose: Send a new email message. There are several options such as using an address book, adding attachments, and using special characters in the email.
  • Folders: Organize your emails into different folders. You can create as many folders as you want.
  • Options: A plethora of options you can use with Horde. Please understand a setting carefully before applying it.
  • Search: Search for an email message in any folder using any field in the email.
  • Help: Displays the Horde online help.
  • Address Book: Store email addresses of your contacts.
  • Logout: Logs you out of Horde Webmail. Always do this when you have finished using Webmail.
  • Calendar: Displays a calendar where events can be added.
  • Memos: Create memos for your future reference.
  • Tasks: Add a list of tasks that you want to perform.