How to Install and Configure Teamviewer ?

Teamviewer is a software tool used for Remote Access & Remote Desktop Sharing.

These steps are performed on a Windows 7 PC, but the steps are pretty similar on other windows environments.

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Step No. 1 – Goto
and click on the download button as highlighted.

Download Teamviewer Software

Step No. 2 – Click the green button by the “Download Now” button.

Click the Download now button

If the download does not start, click on the “Click Here” button. Save the installable file.

Click here to download again

Step No. 3 – Locate the installer on your hard disk and double click on it.

Double Click the Teamviewer Executable

Step No. 4 – Click on the “Run” button

click the run button

Step No. 5 – Click on the Next button

Click next

Step No. 6 – Accept the License Agreement

Accept Agreement

Step No. 7 – Choose Normal Installation

Choose Normal Installation

Step No. 8 – Choose Full Access

Choose Full Access

Step No. 9 – Click Finish

Click Finish

Step No. 10 – Teamviewer Screen opens up as soon as the installation is complete. If not, goto Start -> Programs -> Teamviewer 5. The numbers shown in ID ( Red Box ) identify your computer. The numbers show in Password (Yellow Box ) is the password that your counter-party should use to do a remote session with you. If you want to connect to your remote partner, enter your remote partner’s ID in the ID box (marked with the Red arrow ) and click “Connect to Partner” button (marked with a Yellow arrow )

Step No. 11 – Enter your Partner’s password and click on the “Log On” button.

Enter the password

Step No. 12 – You can now see the remote screen. The floating toolbar at the top contains further options.

Share screen

Step No. 13 – There is a small option that is used to show the remote desktop’s cursor. This will enable you to see exactly what the remote partner is pointing at on the screen.

Show Remote Cursor