Using Google Apps on your Android device

Using Google Apps on an Android is really easy. Just add your Google Apps account to your device, then select the services you want to use. Each user should follow these instructions on their own device.

1. Touch Settings > Accounts to open the Accounts screen on your device.

2. Touch Add account.

3. Touch Google to add your Google Apps account.

4. Touch Sign in when prompted for your Google Account.

5. Enter your full Google Apps email address as your username, and then enter your password.

6. Select which services you'd like to sync between your phone and Google Apps.

That's it! You can now use Google Apps from your Android.

Setting up Google Apps Mobile Management for Android users

You can manage your users' Android devices that have Google Apps Device Policy installed from the Device management settings page. For details, see Manage Android devices.

To force your users to install Device Policy on their Android device:

1. From your Admin console dashboard, click Device management > Mobile > Device management settings.

2. Check the Enforce policies on Android devices box to force your users to install and configure Google Apps Device Policy.

Now, you can set up Android for Work so that your users with an Android 5.0+ device that supports managed profiles can set up a work profile to keep their personal and work apps separate. First, you need to register Google Apps as your enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider and configure Android for Work settings. Then, your users can set up a Work Profile on their device and you can use mobile application management to whitelist work apps that they can install.